Employee health and safety is our #1 priority at Creform. Compliant with CDC, DHEC, and OSHA guidance and local requirements, we’ve implemented a growing number of rigorous preventative measures to help keep our employees safe, while doing all we can to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Among the measures we have deployed:

  • Work from home processes
  • Extensive sanitization processes
  • Daily employee screening and temperature checks which are underway in our Novi, Michigan facility and set to deploy in our Greer, South Carolina and Georgetown, Kentucky facilities
  • In locations where possible, we have also altered work stations to accommodate social distancing

We believe these meticulous measures protect our employees who are critical infrastructure workers in their roles at Creform. Together, we serve customers who are relying on Creform material handling and conveyor systems to continue the manufacture and supply of essential products for life-sustaining businesses in these uncertain times. This challenge requires all of us to do what we can for each other. If you are a customer and have questions about our operations, please contact Keith Soderlund, Creform Vice President at 864-989-1741. Our Creform team remains vigilant in our commitment to employee safety, while steadfast in our hope for the future.