About Creform

Today’s manufacturers are challenged to increase productivity while lowering manufacturing costs. Properly employed, the dynamics of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing can result in a 10% increase per year in productivity by eliminating non-value added waste. Creform sales engineers are all trained to assist our customers implement continuous improvement and lean programs as well as the Five-S principles using the Creform System.

Creform …a truly global concept.

The Creform System, employed worldwide for over 50 years, has combined all of the elements of efficient material handling that today are recognized as critical to success in global manufacturing.

Simplicity. Creform speaks a universal language with its easy-to-understand concept. There are no complicated mathematical and structural formulas to consider, only a few load bearing specifications.

Flexibility. No material handling system is more flexible. Creform allows you to design, build and later modify to your specific needs.

Agile. To achieve continuous improvement, change is necessary. Creform makes modification easy with its modular components and adaptability to new processes.

JIT. It’s an accepted fact that if you build 200 units a day, you don’t need 3000 components inventoried on the factory floor creating logistical log jams. Creform efficient point-of-use structures and AGV systems help clear up floor space and compress manufacturing operations.

Single Parts Handling. From sub-supplier transport to receiving dock, through assembly to shipping, Creform Systems can eliminate multiple handling, packaging and the potential for part damage.

Ergonomic. Creform structures provide part and tool presentations that make the workplace comfortable and efficient, plus they can help lower the risks of workplace injuries.

Continuous Improvement. Creform Systems generate employee involvement, innovation and creativity from the ground level to achieve continuous improvement.

Green Manufacturing. Environmentally responsible Creform Systems reduce the reliance on disposable containers and Creform components can be used over and over as your requirements change.

Creform — the product, company and philosophy can help you achieve lean manufacturing goals and global manufacturing success.