Pipe - 28mm
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Creform 28mm pipe, made on our pipe mill of cold-rolled steel, is available in 15 standard colors plus custom colors on special request. It has a plastic resin surface bonded to the pipe with an adhesive to prevent separation and the inner surface is treated with a non-corrosive coating.

Slide pipe, a low-cost conveyance option, has a low-friction plastic coating for secondary presentation angle surfaces or shelf surfaces with strength comparable to standard 28mm pipe. L Channel slide pipe has a vertical lip for side guidance in flow racks. Ribbed pipe interlocks to create a double pipe beam typically used to build reinforced bases for carts.

Pipe - 32mm

Creform 32mm pipe is used for structure applications where higher strength is required, roller conveyors or with 28mm pipe for telescoping applications.

Pipe - 42mm

Exclusive Creform 42mm Pipe provides heavy-duty strength for building structures using 42mm metal joints, 42/28mm transition joints and accessories. 42mm Spiral Pipe is rated for safety fences, railings and machine enclosures.

Pipe - ESD

All sizes and most configurations of Creform pipe are available in ESD for anti-static structures including workstations, flow racks and carts.